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Last Ride Urns 2021 | All Rights Reserved




We were thinking for a long time to do something more. Something big. Something significant. 

We are young blood from Poland in Europe.

We work as a motorcycle mechanics, we ride motorcycles, we customize and repair them, we know a lot bikers. Motorcycles are our whole world.

Five years ago I met someone close to my heart who works in a funeral home. I heard a lot of human stories and decided to do something for our bikers community. We combine our skills, a bit of artistic soul and love for motorcycles to bring something good to this very emotional matter which is the loss of a loved one. That's how Last Ride Urns was created.

We consider it as a mission in some way. We make our motorcycle urns with attention to every detail as a tribute to bikers.

We use only carefully selected, high quality materials. Every detail is handmade with a lot of passion. We cut, grind, drill, mill, paint, polish etc... Just like we do with motorcycles. It takes long days to make one piece but every hour is worth the satisfaction of a customer. Each urn is unique and special.

We sincerely hope that our initiative will be appreciated, that it will make you feel better. It means a lot to us.